By on May 2, 2016

On 4 May 2016, I head off overseas for 10+ weeks.

I’m taking time out from the challenges of the past few years and having a sort of…sabbatical-cum-odyssey-cum-mid-life OE.

It’s time to explore what a successful life is, and talk to people, film them, and share stories of, living a life that matters.

The consulting business has been put on hold til late July. I’ve developed and launched a new digital education platform to help professionals work successfully for themselves. That went live last week. I’ll keep an eye on it while I’m on the road.

But for the next 10+weeks, the focus is A Life That Matters.

Essentialist Packing

One of the experiments I’m doing is trying to spend time, energy and space on what is essential. The rest can wait.

I needed a new bag to take away because the last one flew apart in Hong Kong on the way home. So, I thought long and hard about what to buy. I found that my last bag, an average sized suitcase, had a volume of 70 litres. In the spirit of essentialism, I bought a replacement that was 50 litres, a 28% drop in size.


I did a trial pack about 3 months ago when I bought the bag, just to convince myself that I could get all my clothes, toiletries, shoes, books etc into the new, slimmer bag. And success!

By the way, no I am not taking the pink packing cell!

(Note: The dog will not be coming. He does not look impressed.)


Sometimes we carry around far too much baggage. It’s easy to carry less. As long as you want to, and make choices that fit that decision.

Light, Technical Gear

I’m going to be video-interviewing people around the world who have stories of what a successful life looks like. For that, I had to spend time deciding what gear I would take that would enable me to take good quality video and sound, without having to lug around lots of heavy equipment.

After much testing, trial videoing and experimenting (not to mention viewing lots of incredibly helpful YouTube videos of how to take good film footage with minimal gear), I believe I’m ready.

That gear is all in addition to the above stuff on the bed.

Again, it’s surprising what you can accomplish if you just learn as much as you can about your tools. They can often do so much more than we ever make use of.

So, the countdown is now on. It’s under 48 hours before launch.


Have you ever done anything like this? What’s your best advice for mid-life adventures, travel, light gear, essentialism or capturing¬†¬†stories?


Welcome. I'm the author of this site, an ordinary guy in my mid-fifties, with three adult children and a cute little granddaughter. I recently did a 10 week solo trip around the world - hence the travel videos on this site. I write, coach and speak about simple wisdom for life and work. I help professionals become more influential leaders and communicators with clients and colleagues. But, first and foremost I love helping people live a life that matters.