By on May 9, 2016

My time in Sydney has been great with walks along the coastal track between Bronte and Bondi, driving up to Norah Head – seeing the lighthouse and where many, many ships have been wrecked on the rocks over the years – going to a rugby game (The Warratahs vs The Cheetahs – The Tahs won), and catching up with old friends.

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Interviews Begin

I also began my ‘A Life That Matters’ interviews. Firstly, I did what’s called some ‘B-roll’ filming of Mindy T, the subject of my first full video interview.

That’s where you take some context footage to help make the main interview more interesting. I’ll splice that in later.

When Dreams Don’t Work Out

I also met with Peter N, an old friend who lives in Sydney. He and I were chatting about what happens when your dreams don’t work out. It can be tough to deal with, especially if you were very passionate about them.

In the end, we agreed that while you can’t just erase the inevitable regret that can visit you (sometimes for ages), you can choose to see it not as a failure, but as a phase of life.

And life is a series of phases – some end-to-end, others in parallel.

Making a Difference

I finally did the interview with Mindy T today and I’ll share that in due course. ┬áIt’s an inspiring story.

But there’s one thing Mindy said, which I thought was profound and simple. We were discussing how everyone has some ideas of what they can do to make the world a better place.

However, someone once told her this:

In a year’s time, you’ll wish you’d started today.

So, start.


May 11, 2016