By on May 11, 2016

Everywhere you go in public, what do you see? People stuck to their devices.

I recently went to a fancy restaurant. There, at the next table, was a youngish couple sitting together. Throughout most of the expensive meal they were neither looking at each other nor talking. Instead, they both held devices and were doing who knows what – probably Facebooking something more interesting than going out on a date.

I thought, “How incredibly sad.”

You see this everywhere. I’ve personally noted this on trains, in cars, in restaurants, at bus stops, at parks. It’s the main activity at airports, walking down the sidewalk, and even during business meetings.

I’ve seen young mums stuck to their devices while their toddlers play at their feet, often tugging at their skirts for attention.

I’ve caught myself doing it too. Arrrggghhhh!

I’m determined to keep device use under control and maintain attention.

Watch this simple but penetrating video on the issue.

Then do what you feel is right.



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