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This is a digital home for sharing thoughts and ideas about enjoying life and making the most of it for ourselves, others and the world in which we live.

If you’d prefer to watch two short videos explaining this, see the introduction here and then the explanation here – they’re both on my YouTube channel.

If words are your thing, read on! (Or do both, of course.)

I’m sure you’d agree that this life is wonderful. It’s both a gift to be appreciated and enjoyed, and an opportunity to be explored.

A Life That Matters is a simple idea that, given the above, we should aim to make the most of it.

Not just to live on cruise control, going along with the standard script, but choosing our life, living well, and making a real difference.

I suggest there are three broad areas to consider. Your life should matter very much to:


Primarily, this is about your CAPACITY – your energy, beliefs, values and sense of self. Living according to someone else’s values brings frustration, dissatisfaction and regret. Living in line with your true values brings peace, joy and satisfaction. Does your life truly matter to you?


This is about your CONNECTIONS – your relationships with your family, friends and community. Being suspicious or selfish brings isolation. Being open and kind brings love for all involved. Are all your relationships healthy, alive and loving?

The world in which we live

Most of us need to work to earn a living. But if all we do is learn, work and then retire having enjoyed our work (although many don’t, really) but made little real difference that lasts, what have we done? This is about your CONTRIBUTION – the energy and skills you put into helping run the society you’re part of and not only that, but making it a better place. Do you feel you’ve made a real difference, or just had a job?

A life that matters:

  • pays attention to these important areas
  • clarifies what’s most valuable
  • and then acts accordingly.

By necessity, it involves saying no to many things and living according to values that don’t often appear in adverts on our billboards, radios/TV’s and smartphones.

So, if this resonates with you, why not join me as we explore this together?

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