Socrates is often quoted as saying

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

But I don’t fully agree.

I just think that it’s nowhere near as good as the life that’s examined, crafted, and lived with clear intention. And where there is a robust rationale for doing so that’s based on reality.

On this page I’m collecting short essays I’ve penned on various topics written in response to thinking about what I see as important and common issues in modern life.

They’re by no means finished nor fixed in stone. So please feel free to leave a comment after an essay if it stirs you or you feel you have some worthwhile additions or changes to suggest.

As a fledging writer and amateur philosopher, I’d be grateful.

We all have a philosophy of life.

What’s yours?



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  1. Just Keep Holding Hands – on relationships and paying attention to the small things
  2. One Breath – on the value of staying open