Just Keep Holding Hands

On relationships and paying attention
to the small things

Couple holding hands copy

Even if you’ve been together for years…

Say, “Hi, how are you?”

Say, “Bye. See you later sweetheart.”

Hold the door open for her.

Ask, “Would you like a cuppa?”

Put her cup on a nice tray. Add a biscuit.

Smile when you hand it to her.

Touch her on the shoulder.

Rub her back.

Offer to help.

Do it before she has to ask.

Notice the way she walks.

Notice the way she talks.

Look at her when she’s talking.

Say please and thank you. Every time.

Say, “I love you my darling” every day.

Cook her a meal she likes.

Or just cook. Why not? If you can’t, learn how.

Buy her a flower.

Call her during the day.

Ask her out on a date, even if it’s Thursday.

When you walk, hold hands.

Go see her Mum and Dad and say “Hi.”

Turn off the TV or iPad and just hang out.

Sit on the same couch facing her.

Fluff up her pillow before bed.

Before you turn out the light, give her a hug.

This is the one you love.

So even if you’ve been together for years….

Just keep holdings hands.



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